Training Programs : Chicago Marathon Training: 2017

Chicago Marathon Training Program: 2017

Chicago Marathon Training

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The Chicago Marathon. Or any marathon for that matter, is a defining moment in the life of anyone who has ever completed one. Now, you can train with us to be part of one of the greatest events in the world—The Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Not racing in Chicago? You can train with us for other nearby marathons, too.

We have created a custom, 19-week training program that will prepare you for the race, no matter what your experience level is. Looking for a PR? Our coaches will challenge you with a challenging, effective, smart training program to help you record a personal best at the Chicago Marathon. Get motivated, meet some great people, have fun and get in shape all at the same time.

Training Dates & Locations

The Summer Marathon Training program will be available at four of the Chicago-area Fleet Feet Sports stores. Pick the locations that works best for you. Each one provides a welcoming, central location to start and end the workout, a secure place for your personal gear and to meet up with your training companions after the long runs for coffee or breakfast. If you can't make it to your regular location, you can still join the gang at the other location.

Group training sessions are held twice weekly at each location:

  • SOLD OUT! Fleet Feet Sports: Old Town (1620 N. Wells Street, Chicago)
    • Wednesday, 6:30PM
    • Saturday, 6:00AM (run/walk pace group) & 6:30AM (run only pace group)
  • SOLD OUT! Fleet Feet Sports: Lincoln Square (4762 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago)
    • Thursday, 6:30PM
    • Sunday, 6:30AM
  • SOLD OUT! Fleet Feet Sports: South Loop (150 W. Roosevelt, in the Roosevelt Collection)
    • Tuesday, 6:30PM
    • Saturday, 6:30AM
  • SOLD OUT! Fleet Feet Sports: Elmhurst (124 West Schiller Street)
    • Tuesday, 6:30PM
    • Saturday, 6:30am

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First Group Training Session Dates:

Chicago Endurance Sports will present all of the information and inspiration a new member needs after our first workouts on June 3rd and 4th. The program will explain TrainingPeaks, our coaching philosophies, how to contact coaches and the common habits of our most successful participants.

  • Old Town, Elmhurst & South Loop: Saturday, June 3rd
  • Lincoln Square: Sunday, June 4th

Weekday Workout: We'll meet at the store, then head out for our run

These mid-week runs focus on form, strength and speed. Our coaching staff will be present to help teach, challenge and motivate you.

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Weekend Workout: We'll meet at the store, then head out for our run

These workouts are reserved for the long, slow distance runs so important to the success of endurance runners. Pace Leaders or Mentors will guide you at the appropriate pace and CES coaches will accompany you to motivate and respond to any concerns or questions that arise along the way.

WEDNESDAY AM START DATE CORRECTION: Can't make it to your night workout? We also have a morning group training option on Wednesday's at 6:00AM starting on June 14th that meets at Diversey and the Running Path (see map)

Program Benefits

Not only do you get to have a lot of fun, but you also get a ton of great stuff too. Check it out:


CES Alumni New Members
SOLD OUT! Group Training Program* $229 $254

*Limited to maximum of 700 participants.

Virtual Training Program CES Alumni New Members
Training PLUS "The Long Run" and "Race Day Resort" $139 $149
Training ONLY $99 $109

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Pace Groups for All Levels

Sometimes we need a little help from our friends. We need motivation to start and encouragement to keep it going and support that says we are doing a good job. Our Chicago Endurance Sports Pacers and Mentors are the best in the business in keeping a consistent training pace, showing path etiquette and keeping us safe on the popular Chicagoland running paths no matter your pace or experience level.

Run Paces

  • Groups from 7:30 to 11:30 minutes per mile, in 30-second increments (i.e. 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, etc.)

Run/Walk Paces

  • 8 Minute Run With 1 Minute Walk Interval (8/1)
    • 10:30 minute/mile
  • 5 Minute Run With 1 Minute Walk Interval (5/1)
    • 10:30
    • 11:00
    • 11:30-12:00
    • 12:00-12:30
  • 3 Minute Run With 2 Minute Walk Interval (3/2 progresses to 4/2)
    • 12:30-13:30

Click here to learn about our amazing Pacers and Mentors.

Note: If you are interested in becoming a pacer, or know of someone who might be interested, please contact us at for additional information.

Our Coaching Staff

We're extremely proud of our professional, experienced coaching staff — they always go the extra mile to make sure you have a fun, successful training season! Why is it so important to have qualified coaches? They can:

  • Evaluate your current fitness level and goals to make sure you are training at an appropriate level
  • Evaluate and suggest ways to improve your running form
  • Assist you if you need to adjust your training schedule, in the event of an injury or missed training due to travel or unforeseen circumstances
  • Motivate and challenge you to reach your goals in a smart, safe & effective manner

Click here for more information or to reach out to any of our awesome coaches!

Charities: Training For A Cause

Chicago Endurance Sports is partnered with many wonderful charities that have guaranteed registrations to The Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Most of these charities will also cover your registration for CES Summer Marathon Training. More importantly, they can give your training more purpose and meaning, while helping bring attention and support to a cause that could be personal to you. Visit our Charities & Sponsors page and consider joining one of these outstanding organizations.

Chicago Marathon Charity Training



The Long Run: Chicago Endurance Sports 20 Mile Training Run

Saturday, September 16 — Finish your training for the marathon in style with "The Long Run" — a fully supported group long run. Take advantage of the assistance of pacers, refuel and reenergize at the aid stations stocked with water and Gatorade every few miles, enjoy the support and motivation of the CES coaches and relax after this "dress rehearsal" for your effort with post-run stretching and massage from Athletico and food and beverages to start your recovery in style.

NOTE: Entry to "The Long Run" is strictly open to Group Training members and those that have purchased access (Virtual Training members, Charity Guests, etc.).

Chicago Marathon Training Long Run


Race Day Resort

Experience what sets the Chicago Endurance Sports Marathon Training Program above the rest when you celebrate the conclusion of your satisfying journey in style at our Exclusive Pre/Post Race Day Resort, only steps away from the Chicago Marathon Start and Finish. Take advantage of private gear check and indoor bathrooms, replenish all of those burned calories after your effort and get your recovery started at the outstanding food buffet, luxuriate with a rewarding post-race massage & stretching from Athletico physical therapists, free medal engraving and much more. (Friends and family can join in the festivities, enjoy a light breakfast/lunch and watch the race on TV at the resort for an optional fee.) All of these fantastic amenities are included in your registration fee, but ONLY if you are a registered CES GROUP participant (Virtual Training participants may purchase access separately.)

  • Secure Gear Check
  • Dry, Indoor area to warm up prior to event in case of inclement weather
  • Indoor Restrooms
  • A quarter mile from the start and finish
  • Post Race buffet to start your recovery off right
  • Open Bar
  • Post Race massage, stretch and support from AthletiCo
  • FREE medal engraving
  • Official Finisher's Gear available for purchase
  • Friends & Family access available (additional fee required, limited tickets available)
    • A light breakfast before the start and a place for friends and family to wait for you to finish.
    • Big Screen TV and live streaming of the marathon
    • (Entrance to CES Race Day Resort will be strictly enforced and will require either a sticker for CES participants or a bracelet for family or friends.)
Chicago Marathon Training Race Day Resort


Are You Ready For Training?

Free Four Week Base Training Plan

Click here to download.

FREE Training Peaks Online Training Schedule & Log

Your daily training schedules will be delivered via Training Peaks — the leading Interactive web based training and nutrition log to help you achieve your goals. Log training & meals, track daily metrics (weight, sleep, etc.), upload workouts from your training devices (80+ devices supported, GPS, HR monitors, etc.), FREE iPhone app and mobile site available and MUCH more!


Clinics & Seminars

To reach your goals, you need to do more than simply put in the miles. Our Coaches and expert speakers present information & clinics on a variety of topics including:

  • Good Form Running — become a faster, more efficient runner — with less effort!
  • Tools & Gadgets for Endurance Runners (GPS, Heart Rate monitors, iPhone apps, etc.)
  • Helpful Recovery tools & techniques
  • Core & Strength Training
  • Injury Prevention & Flexibility
  • Food as Fuel: Sports Nutrition
  • Mental Skills Training
  • Comprehensive Race Prep

Virtual Training Option

NEW FOR 2017: Now includes team shirt*! (*shipping not included)

Live too far away and can't make it to the group workouts? Schedule conflicts keep you from making any of the group training sessions?

Here's the solution, the Virtual Training option. You'll receive your daily training schedule and coaching support online (via Training Peaks), access to race day amenities, as well as the weekly email newsletter with coaching tips, race updates and more. The virtual program is a unique way to train on your own with virtual support from a helpful team of coaches.

Virtual training athletes can purchase access to "The Long Run" ($10) and "Race Day Resort" ($30) for an additional fee.


How to Register

Online registration is available at by clicking on the link below:

Register Online

Limited Space Available

In order to maintain the high quality that CES is known for (and which participants expect of CES), this program has a limited number of registrations available. This popular program will likely SELL OUT — don't miss your chance — register today!

Half & Full Marathon Fun Runs/Open Houses

Join us for a fun run - have a good time on the path, and get to know what CES and our half/full Marathon training programs are all about. Meet our coaches, pacers and fellow athletes - we know you’ll love them as much as we do! Get all your questions answered, and then get registered for training this summer!

  • Fleet Feet Sports, Old Town — Saturday, May 20 at 7:30am
    • Join the CES Coaches/Pacers and Alumni for our Summer Half/Full Marathon Fun Run! What's happening at the fun run, you ask?
      Choose from a 3 or 6 mile distance - it's up to you! You'll get a chance to run with our CES Spring Training athletes, pacers and coaches, as they finish up their final group run before the Soldier Field 10 Mile run! Stick around after the run to socialize, ask questions and enjoy some light refreshments. You'll get a great sense of how the CES program works, and see how much fun we have!
    • Visit HERE to RSVP today!

New members, good news. Once you participate in ANY CES program, you are alumni for life and will receive discounts on future programs!

No refunds will be provided in full or in part for any reason, including injury, after a program begins. No prorated fees are provided for late enrollments.


Please contact us at for more information.


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